Artwork Requirements   

    Business Cards

    Repeat Orders

    Simply quote previous invoice number when ordering (We can look this up for you, if you can't locate it). A new proof will be sent to you, prior to printing.  If you have a name and/or phone number change to existing artwork, please make a note in the "Comment" box on order form. We do the rest.

    In House Service (Redeemable)

    (once only charge with first order, if no artwork supplied $50 1 side $65 2 sides)

    Please email or fax all information (including logos, photos/wording) you want featured on your calendar/business card, in a rough sketch of how you would like it to appear.

    Our in-house Graphics Department will do up a proof for you to check prior to printing. Please email or fax back any corrections - a new proof will be sent to you.  We don't print until you're happy with the proof. 

    Photos and logos can be  emailed in either JPEG, EPS, PDF or TIF files at 300dpi. Microsoft Word, Publisher and other IBM documents are not compatible information.

    Our sales representatives can assist you with layout if needed.

    A proof will be sent to you for approval, prior to printing.

    Subsequent orders do not incur this fee.  The Artwork Fee is Redeemable when you order, and pay, for 4 or more sets x 1000 Business Cards, with identical artwork, in a 6 month period.  We will refund the In House Artwork Fee charged from your 4th set of Business Cards ordered.

    Full Design Service - optional  

    If you do not already have a logo designed - our In House Graphic Art Department can design one for you. Prices start at $50.00 for a basic logo
    We also have a vast library of graphics and photographs. If you are unable to supply your own, we can supply for you. Prices:- $20.00 per image.

    The costs are once only with initial order. Subsequent orders will not incur these fees. Please indicate if you require this service at time of placing your order.

    BYO Artwork Specifications

    This is for our repeat clients and experienced graphic designers only.

    "If you choose the this option, you are 100% responsible for the artwork provided (including colours, layout etc.) Your artwork is printed as provided."

    Graphic Artists

    After confirmation of order is received, please email your files for printing to

    We do not check your files - we print what you send.


    Images must be a minimum 600dpi at 100% final image size

    You can email TIF, JPEG, EPS or PDF files - always use LZW compression if using a TIF file

    All images and colour must be CMYK - not RGB

    Convert all texts to curves

    Do not include alpha channels or masks

    Image Size

    The finished trimmed size is 90mm x 54mm. If you want your image at full bleed, you must overhang to 94mm x 56mm.

    Phone: 0755741755

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